Testimony from the Citizens

Families that will benefit

"We the Citizens of gbao clan give thanks and appreciation to our sister to remember her people back home to build search a health center. Let God bless you to open soon."

Blessing Dahn

"I am very happy for health center to come to this Turoplay town gbao clan district#7 Nimba county. I give thanks and appreciation to the CEO of this project. We some time find it difficult in terms of giving birth."


I tell God thank you that we the old people will have clinic here now to treat we the old folks.

Masa Saye

I bless God for this CEO to think about us here, to bring clinic here, but the only thing, I want her to hurry up for the clinic to open soon because we are dying here, around this whole region no health center.

Markardol Teah

I thank the CEO to bring this clinic here because pregnant women some time died in child birth due to no health facilities found here, so I am very happy.

David Saye

I tell God thank you because ,we have clinic here now to help we the old people.

TMS Health Center

To God be the Glory


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